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Leading consultants regularly acknowledge the outstanding quality of Union Investment's portfolio management and client service.

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Coalition Greenwich: Union Investment is a 2021 Greenwich Quality Leader

Coalition Greenwich has named Union Investment a "Greenwich Quality Leader" in Overall German Institutional Investment Management for the fourth time (after 2015, 2019 and 2020).

<p><span>Coalition Greenwich: Union Investment is a 2021 Greenwich Quality Leader</span></p><br/>

This is the result of this year's research of institutional investors in Germany by Coalition Greenwich, the leading global provider of strategic benchmarking, analytics and insights to the financial services industry. According to their firm, Greenwich Quality Leaders set themselves apart in a year of crisis with both above-average investment results and superior service quality ratings.

André Haagmann, Head of Institutional Clients at Union Investment, is delighted with the very good results: "Institutional business is characterised by intense competition - which is why our efforts are focused on quality leadership with high customer satisfaction! The renewed award as "Greenwich Quality Leader" confirms that we are very well positioned for institutional investors."

Good marks from PRI

The PRI organisation, which is supported by the United Nations, has assessed how Union Investment has anchored sustainability criteria in the investment process. Here you will find the overall results here.

Good marks from PRI

FNG Label 2022

Mutual funds that have been awarded the Sustainable Investment Forum (FNG) Label comply with the quality standard it has developed for sustainable investments in the German-speaking countries. To achieve certification, funds must adopt a consistent and transparent approach to sustainability.

FNG label 2022

All our funds that participated in the review process received the FNG Label. In addition, our funds UniInstitutional Konservativ Nachhaltig, UniInstitutional Dividend Sustainable, UniInstitutional Stiftungsfonds Nachhaltig, UniInstitutional Kommunalfonds Nachhaltig, UniInstitutional Global Corporate Bonds Sustainable, UniInstitutional EM Corporate Bonds Low Duration Sustainable, UniInstitutional SDG Equities, UniInstitutional Green Bonds and UniInstitutional Global Convertibles Sustainable achieved a rating of two stars.