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US elections: Biden has won election

Alongside the coronavirus pandemic, the US presidential election 2020 is currently one of the biggest factors influencing the capital markets. 

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The US election and the capital markets: our pre-election assessments

No matter which way the election goes, it will have an impact on the capital markets. You can read our assessments here.

US elections: Biden sweep looking more likely


The latest US election polls are pointing towards a win for President Donald Trump’s opponent Joe Biden. The risk of the result being challenged is receding as the chances of Biden winning and the Democrats securing a majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate grow.

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Der Präsident und das Virus
US election

US election: Trump trailing behind


Donald Trump returned to the White House last week. As expected, the US President is trying to regain control of the election campaign with a flurry of statements designed to sway undecided voters. The markets, however, are already anticipating who will win.

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Coronavirus dominates the US election campaign


US President Donald Trump has been infected with COVID-19. This has put a new spin on the US election campaign as it enters the finishing straight – at least at first glance. In fact, last week’s televised debate had already pointed the way to the likely result.

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A US election but no president?


The election on 3 November to determine who will be the next US president will be staged under exceptional circumstances. The fact that the vote happens to be taking place during a global pandemic is just one of the challenges.

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Three scenarios for the outcome of the US election

Is Joe Biden going to win the US presidential election race or will Donald Trump come out on top once again? Whether the next US government will be led by Democrats or Republicans has far-reaching implications for the capital markets. 

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