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As one of the most experienced German fund managers, Union Investment has acted as a professional asset management partner to institutional investors for decades. Efficient risk management is a particularly important component of all our investment processes.

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  • Market news and expert views

    Market news and expert views: February 2023

    Economy, growth, inflation and monetary policy – the monthly report ‘Market news and expert views’ will keep you informed about the latest developments and our expert assessments. It will also give you a comprehensive review of and outlook for the relevant asset classes. (As at 27 January 2022)

  • Neutral risk positioning retained

    UIC retains neutral risk positioning

    The Union Investment Committee (UIC) adhered to its neutral risk positioning (RoRo meter at level 3) at its meeting on 24 January 2023, the first scheduled meeting of the year. The conditions still do not appear right for a more opportunity-oriented approach.

  • Time for value stocks to shine? An in-depth interview.

    Under pressure

    Various factors have contributed to the tailwind for profit margins in recent decades. But in this decade of the great transformation, many of these drivers will reverse course (or are already doing so). As a result, profit margins for US businesses are likely to be structurally lower than they have been used to. There are many reasons for this

  • Does rising debt pose a risk for bond markets?

    Does rising debt pose a risk for bond markets?

    Europe is raising funds in the capital markets mainly in order to support consumers, whereas the objective in the US is to obtain money for infrastructure projects. However, falling energy prices in Europe may lead to a reduction in funding volumes again. What does the packed calendar of new issues mean for fixed-income investors?

  • Renaissance for 60/40 portfolios

    Renaissance for 60/40 portfolios

    Last year was challenging for portfolios combining equities and bonds due to the high correlation between these two asset classes. Active adjustments to these portfolios will therefore be required this year in order to restore stability.

  • Ten pressing questions for fixed-income investors

    Ten pressing questions for fixed-income investors

    For the bond markets, 2022 has been a year of extremes. As it draws to a close, we look ahead to 2023. Christian Kopf, Head of Fixed Income Portfolio Management at Union Investment, shares his thoughts on the most pressing questions on the minds of customers.

  • Great transformation – the dawn of a new era

    Great transformation – the dawn of a new era

    Globalisation is giving way to the great power rivalry between the US and China. This marks the dawn of a new era, with far-reaching consequences for the capital market environment and investments. Although volatility is growing, interesting opportunities may open up if the right approach is taken.

  • Corporate bonds regaining appeal

    Corporate bonds regaining appeal

    Corporate bonds are back – at least on the primary market floor. In addition, investment-grade bonds are now offering attractive yields. And even demand for longer-dated paper is picking up again, although the outlook for economic growth remains highly uncertain.

  • The time will come for risk assets

    Capital market outlook: The time will come for risk assets

    In the short term, the capital markets are likely to be weighed down by high inflation, weak growth and tight monetary policy. However, improvements to these key parameters will gradually brighten the prospects for risk assets over the course of 2023: A renaissance is around the corner for fixed-income assets and there is slight potential for equities to bounce back, despite profit headwinds.

  • Corporates – a key component of a fixed-income portfolio

    Corporates – a key component of a fixed-income portfolio

    Following the price correction, investment-grade corporate bonds now come with attractive coupons. However, the macroeconomic environment presents risks. This is where Union Investment’s Global Credit Platform comes into play, as it offers bottom-up analysis and a worldwide perspective.

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